Turmeric is a spice that has been known to man since ancient times. It is beneficial for the health of the liver . It also supports in better digestion and has anti-cancer properties.


It is used in foods and exotic dishes all over the world.


Hepatitis C is a form of Hepatitis that is chronic disease and quite tough to get rid of. Botanists and researchers are working to find a drug or herb that definitely cures this disease and gives comfort to people suffering from it.

Search is On

The search for a herb that could cure HIV ( human immune deficiency virus ) is frantic and strong. It is a much elusive drug that has evaded humans for long. In the long run, effort will turn into applause, name and fame.

Milk Thistle shows promise as a herb against hepatitis C as well. It has been found to be supportive in major ailments of the liver.

Quaking Aspen is a tree that is common in the North American region. It has a wonderful use in the general treatment of fevers.

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